We love living in Aylesbury, and want it to be a town our children are proud to call home now and in the future.  The climate emergency and the current pandemic mean we have an opportunity to rethink, and to take action now, as a community, to build a town which is resilient, sustainable, and centred around its residents.  Things do not have to continue the way they have been.

Inspired by Transition Towns, Sustainable Aylesbury is being set up to pull together like-minded people to create a vision for our town, and to take real action together to make that vision a reality.  We want to showcase all of the amazing things already going on here, and collaborate to design a future for all which reduces our impact and brings us together. 

Would you like to help us?  Imagine the Aylesbury you want to live in, and write any ideas – big or small – in the form below. It includes a few little prompts if you need some inspiration.

This short video from the Transition Network outlines three questions we might ask ourselves when hoping to make positive changes for the future.

If you’d like us to stay in touch with updates, or want to get involved with any future actions, please also provide your details below.

What is your imagined Aylesbury?

If you had the opportunity to design a town from scratch, what would it look like? How would you fit in and thrive? How could you feel more connected to your neighbours? What could you do with those around you to make your lives easier, more sustainable? What could you do yourself, and with your community, for which you currently rely on the high street? How could our food, shopping, education, homes, work and celebrating look differently in our imagined Aylesbury?