About Us

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Helen Keller

We’re a group of friends who are concerned about the future. We have been making changes individually but have come together as we realise impact of collective endeavours can be so much greater than working in isolation. We’ve already started sharing our own “what ifs” and it’s exciting to put those imaginings into words and hear how others dream of our future community. Here’s a little bit about us…

“The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.”



Hi, I’m Sam and I have lived in Aylesbury for the last 8 years with my wonderful husband and our children aged 4 and 2. From a young age my Mum taught me about the issues with single use plastic and it’s impact on our environment and how important it is to do our bit to be as eco friendly and sustainable as we can in order to protect our beautiful planet for our children and future generations. It’s very overwhelming sometimes when looking at where to start but even the smallest changes can make a big difference – are plenty of options out there! I found making the changes that best suited our life style and ones that weren’t too costly were the easiest changes to make first. I frequent both Aylesbury Eco Store and Ecobonobo locally as well as looking for alternatives online too.


I have lived in Aylesbury for several years now and have slowly come to regard it as my home. Previously working away from Aylesbury, and spending a lot of my free time elsewhere, I hadn’t taken the time to put down my roots here and realise how much it has to offer.  I had always looked to small neighbouring towns like Wendover, Tring and Berkhamsted – with their bustling farmers’ markets, cute little cafés, trinket-filled homeware shops, and the feeling of community – as where we would move on to next. I’ve had several conversations with others who feel the same way, or made that move themselves.  But I’ve now realised that I don’t want to desert a wonderful place which has given me so many memories. I want to join the groups, be part of the communities and help it to thrive in the best way it can.  I want to join in and build the best Aylesbury I can.

To be honest I’m terrified about the climate crisis, and I’m very worried that we’re not acting as urgently and as drastically is required.  I don’t know what’s best to do, so I’m eating a lot less meat, driving less, cutting out single-use plastic and making changes to how I live every day.  But I know that an exponentially greater impact can be made by joining together, learning from each other and sharing our efforts, so that we can really make a positive change as a community.

“The world is where it is because of the millions of decisions that were taken, and for each of those decisions there could have been another…so we have to undo it like you undo knitting: [a] stitch at a time.”



I live in Aylesbury with my wife Sian and two kids after moving here back in 2012 from High Wycombe and quickly Aylesbury felt like home. I love the town’s history, parks, pubs, and proximity to beautiful countryside which coupled with a love of cycling – I am often out on our cargo bike with the kids combining all of the above.

Climate change first registered with me back in 2014 by when we had some particularly extreme floods but the fact it is a crisis was only made real in 2018 when hurricane Michael hit Florida, the first category 5 hurricane to hit land since 1992. I worked for a software company with HQ in Fort Lauderdale at the time so had friends there. Ever since I have been working on keeping life more simple and local. It’s been a gradual process and is always a work in progress but ultimately I know that joint action combined with my individual actions will have a much greater impact on the world, and on our town, Aylesbury.