Everyday sustainability at home and creating a SuperHome

Everyday sustainability at home and creating a SuperHome

Are you interested in reducing your carbon footprint at home and living more sustainabily day-to-day?

In this interview we talk to Colin who has a SuperHome, a home independently assesses to have reduced its owner’s carbon footprint by 60% or more. Colin shares the measures he has taken to create a SuperHome himself, from solar panels to sun pipes, and then explains how everyday sustainability is not installing the latest tech but is a change of mentality from the conventional consumerist mindset so pervades all aspects of life

Key takeaways:

  • Don’t upgrade your home “just to be green”, make sustainable decisions when something breaks and you cannot get it repaired
  • Focus on carbon reduction not saving money (though this may be a nice bonus)
  • Solar panels make 90% of the electricity they make in summer in winter too if positioned correctly
  • Electric cars can save you a lot of money and have a range good enough for 95% of your driving
  • Sun pipes are a great way to add natural light to areas of your house without windows, like the landing, and can save electricity
  • Modern electric bikes have a range similar to my first-gen Nissan Leaf!

Find out more about SuperHomes and the steps Colin has taken here:

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