Ultra-processed foods

These are foods which often contain little or no whole foods, made from ingredients which you probably wouldn’t add when cooking at home. The ingredients lists tend to be long and unfamiliar. Ultra-processed foods include sausages, industrialised bread, breakfast cereals, ready meals, sweets, biscuits, cakes, baked beans, tinned soups, meat alternatives, crisps and chips.

These tend not only to be lower in nutritional value than their unprocessed or minimally processed alternatives, they also have a greater environmental impact as a result of the more complicated supply chains. In addition, as a lot of ultra-processed foods are produced by large multinationals, and their power means that they can decide which foods are grown where and how, disrupting whole ecosystems and changing the way our food is grown and produced.

The neglected environmental impacts of ultra-processed foods

Multiple health and environmental impacts of foods

What is ultra-processed food?

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