Why Sustainable Aylesbury?

The lockdown has caused some people to reflect, and offered an opportunity to stop, think and reassess – I certainly feel it has for me. I did enjoy the slowing down and the quietening of life, and definitely the reduction in the number of cars being used, as we live on a very busy and noisy road! So this feels like a great time to get people together (virtually at first but hopefully in real life soon) to think about how we can live differently, more sustainably, and really enjoy and embrace a way of life without the endless pursuit of more.

It is especially apt as the Aylesbury Garden Town plans are forging ahead, and their aims include tackling the climate emergency, supporting stronger local communities, and making Aylesbury a green and healthy town. With friends we’ve already been discussing what changes we can make as local groups, what initiatives are already going on here, our ideas for imagining a different kind of Aylesbury, and resources we can share. There’s loads already happening locally, some of which has been going on for years, and so much community knowledge out there. Aylesbury has so much to offer.

We don’t really know what it might become, but if this does sound appealing maybe share your details and your ideas, and we can see where it goes together?

– Sian

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