What is on the bucket list for 2021?

What is on the bucket list for 2021?

Happy New Year Aylesbury!

Lets face it, 2020 wasnt much to celebrate, and the start of 2021 isnt shaping up to be much better but aside from shaking the shackes of Covid and Tier 4/lockdown restrictions we have a lot to do in 2021!

To start with, we have barely got off of the ground as an organization – at the time of writing, we are just three strong. We want to find other people who are in Aylesbury who want to help shape the future of our town through hands-on action. The first piece of this will be to understand who is interested in joining us and then agreeing on what we will do together.

Without your involvement, Sustainable Aylesbury is just a nice idea

Share your passion

Share what you want to help us change in Aylesbury

Once we have a core, we plan to meet to discuss what we do next. This is a process that we would really like to not be virtual! but we will see how quickly we get into a tier where this will be possible and what sort of a response we get from you all.

The Aylesbury Garden Town plans mention sustainability and is looking for community engagement so now is the perfect time to shape how the pot of money from central government is spent.

We know there is already loads of great work happening accross the town so see part of the role that this site will take, at least initially is to be a catalogue of all the great things that are already happening which will make it easier for others to be involved and for us to not duplicate work that others are already doing.

More personally as a family we want to grow more fruit and veg from our little garden and find out if there is any possability of us generating power, as our house is listed all the conventional methods for doing this (solar + wind) are unlikely to be granted permission.

Raising a virtual glass to 2021 and hoping we can all make the most of what is has to bring us al!

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